Adverting on Facebook: How to be effective & cost efficient

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is by far the biggest social media network with over a billion users. For businesses around the world, Facebook serves as the primary source of social media advertising and expanding their reach for potential customers. With the tagline “Over 1 billion people, we’ll help you reach the right ones”, Facebook Ads have the potential to transform your business reach without having you to invest a great deal of money.

Facebook Ads allow businesses to reach their target audience at cost varying on the visibility and engagement of the ad. Your ad can be displayed and at your audience newsfeed, on the side column on even on the mobile newsfeed. When advertising on Facebook, Facebook Insight gives you a chance to analyze your audience and get insight of on potential customers. Similarly, the collected data and information can be used to improve your overall ad strategy and boost responses, what matters is how you plan to go about your ad campaign and this is what I’ll be discussing on in this article.

Following are some practices I’ve filtered to device an effective Facebook Ad campaign.

Research your Audience

Use Facebook Insights to learn about the characteristics and interest of people who already like your page. Audience Insights on the Ad Manager will display demographic of people already connected to you pages including their gender, education level, job, relationship status and lifestyle which gives you a clearer picture of your target market and help you strategize your ad campaign accordingly.

Check your Ad Relevancy

Align your ad content with the campaign landing page this will improve your ad relevancy score and as a result you’ll pay less per click. Also, aligning your ad content with the landing page will win your audience trust because people expect to see something similar to  what they clicked on in the first place, which will eventually increase your conversion rate.

Ad Variation Testing

Instead of making different ads, try different variations on a similar ad. For instance, pick your best ad, make copies and change one ad element at a time to see whether it works for you or not. I mean, you can try your best performing ad heading to a different ad description to see how it works, or use your best description, content, image with a different heading altogether.

Ad Placement Experimenting

You can even try different ad placements to see how your target audience responds to these changes. Ideally, you’ll have three ad sets; 1) newsfeed right column panel, 2) newsfeed for desktop, 3) newsfeed for mobile. You can even use a combination of 2 as per your marketing budget.

Targeting New People

Advertising on Facebook allows you to target new audience with like campaigns using Power Editor. You can actually exclude people who already like your page in order to target new audience and increase the number of likes. So, you don’t have to show irrelevant impressions, content or ads to people who already like your page instead you can focus on building your audience.

Geographic Targeting

To maintain your budget wisely, one smart thing you can do is to set up ad sets according geographic target areas, so you can save money on bidding. One ad set should target one geographic area because cost-per-click may vary greatly. For instance, if you are advertising in one country you can set different cities for different ad sets. You may bid higher on some geographic areas while bidding others on seasonal basis.

There are number of ways you can optimize your Facebook ad campaign the only thing that matters is you keep experimenting to find out what works for you,


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