Pinterest: Making More Sense for Ecommerce Businesses

Making More Sense for Ecommerce Businesses

The idea of showcasing products, new arrivals, discount options or perhaps a flashy Black Friday sale over the internet works for you more than you imagine especially when you are a ecommerce business. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which depends greatly on the content you share or people posted on your social media profile, Pinterest gather people on topics of interest rather than relationships.

Pinterest offers a great potential for ecommerce business to market their products and brings more traffic to their websites than Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or Linkedin. One out of every five Pinterest users purchase a product displayed on the website making an average spending $80, twice as much as Facebook. In this article I will focus on ways ecommerce businesses can improve their overall brand visibility and improve their customers’ response and by using Pinterest more efficiently.

  1. It is important to set up a business account rather than using an individual profile. Business accounts are more trustworthy for the audience and help them to connect with your brand if you verify your website to Pinterest. All you have to do is to fill up the form and agree to the terms and conditions.

Pinterest Business Form


  1. Your profile picture is the first thing your audience will notice on your Pinterest page. Make sure you use high quality, eye-catching image as a profile picture. Using your company logo will help your audience to recognize your business in a glance.

Pinterest Profile


  1. Understand your audience to create exclusive boards that target their individual needs. For ecommerce business you can categorize your boards and pins on the basis product categories. Name your board less than 20 characters and provide descriptions to inspire people to follow your boards.


  1. Your Pinterest board is where you can showcase your products to inspire your audience, so make sure you share high quality images. Using low quality, pixelated images is a turn off for most visitors. Images that are at least 600 pixels wide look best. You can consider hiring a professional photographer to make an impact.

High Quality Pins


  1. Pinterest boards are not merely to showcase your products, what matters is how creatively you use your boards. Create boards for places, idea, moods and people that reflect your brand.


  1. Add a “Pin it” button on the product page of your website so visitors can easily share product images, portfolios, photo-shoots or even banners on their boards. You can place a Pin it, Follow, Pin Widget, Board Widget and Profile Widget buttons with a Widget Builder Page. Board Widget allows users to embed the entire pin board on their ecommerce website.

PInterest Widget Builder


  1. Pinterest has recently added product pins called “Rich Pins” that allow businesses to include product details like availability, pricing and link to purchase. Rich Pins drive more traffic to the website as compared to regular pins and automatically update product details, like pricing while improving the overall brand visibility.


  1. Like Facebook Analytics, Pinterest Analytics allows you to track popular pins that drive web traffic, monitor your audience who shared your content, and what content people shared along with your pins. Analytics help you make decisions like merchandising, pinning strategy and product development.

Pinterest Analytics


  1. Finally, it is important to sync your social media channels, like when you pin a post do share it on other social network to increase engagement.



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