7 Proven Strategies to Market your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with more than 250 million active users and 2 new user signups every second. Thousands of users login every day to grow their network, look for new opportunities, follow companies, find new groups, or simply to connect with their contacts. LinkedIn isn’t just for professionals and job seekers, but you can use it business as well. From a business perspective you can use LinkedIn to channelize new connections, generate leads, build partnerships and create better brand awareness. Therefore, LinkedIn is a valuable addition to your overall digital marketing strategy, if used with a clear objective in mind.

Unlike other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, where people expect companies to sell their products or services through these channels, LinkedIn has an entirely different audience and direct selling is highly scorned by the users. Therefore, marketing on LinkedIn requires a different approach which we are going to look at in this article.


Targeted Ad Campaigns

LinkedIn allow marketers to narrow down their search for potential customers. I mean, if you are selling a software solution to small businesses you can filter your ad campaign to target only those companies that are under 100 employees, based in your country, to a specified group of individual, with procurement title.


Expand Email Marketing Efforts

LinkedIn allow its members to send over 50 Sponsored InMails at a time, this way you can build up a good list of recipients interested in your product or service. You can share a direct link with your recipients to sign up for your monthly newsletter and provide details of the benefits they can avail by simply signing up.


Paid/ Sponsored Updates

Businesses pay to feature their update on audience newsfeed, and set demographics like advertising on other platforms. What make LinkedIn advertising different from the rest is again ‘targeted reach’. You can filter down you audience on company name, skillset, job title, groups and job roles. Though users on LinkedIn are not interest in direct sales messages, but if you offer something free and your ad content is good you can improve your web traffic, foster sales function and improve conversions.


Publish High-Quality Content

You must have noticed a flag notification saying someone publish a new post. Posting high-quality content directly on LinkedIn is the most powerful tool to improve your visibility and reach. Of your post get some views and likes, LinkedIn will add it in one of its categories which can get you thousands of readers. Make sure the content you post is focused on assisting your readers to improve their work efficiency or help them solve a problem.


Encourage Employee Endorsements

Encourage your employees to create and complete their LinkedIn profiles, endorse published posts, add comments, likes, share content or photos to build engagement with your audience. Employee endorsement is a great way to build credibility and authentication of your business.


Join LinkedIn Groups and Create your Own

One key strategy to market your business on LinkedIn is to join groups related to your business or topic your prospect might be interested in. this way you’ll have a clearer picture of what your prospect are talking about and you can also reach out to them via InMails. The next thing you can do is to create your own group and invite members from other groups to join your group. This way you can share great content that your members would love, drive traffic and generate leads.


Optimize your Company Page

Make sure that your company LinkedIn profile is consistent with your overall brand image, the images, content and color you share on your profile should be consistent with your website and other social media profiles. Also, go for customized URL of your LinkedIn profile. You URL should include your company name so your contacts would know, and if they search your business name on Google your LinkedIn profile will rank among the top few results. It is also to complete all sections of your LinkedIn profile, often the summary section is left unnoticed which doesn’t convey a good message to your audience.


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