Google Analytics Custom Reports Used by Experts for Business

Google Analytics Custom Reports Used by Experts for Business

Integrating Google Analytics on your website is a great way to analyze your traffic sources, user behavior and insights, like how much time they are spending on a certain page, what’s their geographical location, demographics, and measure your performance against predefined goal sets. These insights are great for your business unless of course you want to extract more information about your customers that directly affect your business and improve sale figures.

Google Analytics allow businesses to customize repots and filter out information more useful for them. Custom reports deeply focuses on crucial data, removes unless statistics and metrics and saves a great deal of time. With custom reports you can easily access deeper insights and package up datasets for profound analysis. However, for generating custom reports one has to be really careful not to mess up fundamental data models. Usually amateurs misalign dimensions and metrics across Sessions, Users, Hits, etc. Following are some commonly used custom reports by Avinash Kaushik that businesses use to extract relevant, profound and valuable insights.


Page-Wise Unique Visitors Report

This report is very important if you are optimizing your on-page for search engines and assists you in planning your keyword strategy. Installing this report will provide information of unique visitors on each page. You can select your desired page URL to see Page Source (Google, social media, referral, etc.) and segment the data by Medium (Google, CPC, Bing, etc.). By clicking on the Source against your selected Medium will display keywords that brought unique visitors to the page.

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 Unique Visitors Per Page Google Analytics


Conversion Report by Data and Time

Google Analytics custom reports allow you to track conversions by Date and Time which is a useful feature for social media manager to see when engagement if fruitful, also, you can analyze the response of your audience within a specific range of month, day and time of the day to plan your paid campaign day-parting. It is important to understand that Google Analytics displays the numeric string by Year, Month, Day and Hour. Therefore, 2015081409 would be August 14, 2015 at 9:00 am.

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conversion report by date and time google analytics 


Top Performing Landing Pages Report

This report allows you measure the performance of your top landing pages. This is an ideal report to share with your clients to identify underperforming pages and suggest improvements. Landing page performance is measured in terms of conversions or goal completions and the value of these goals. It is important to set new and returning visitors to see how your new customers are engaged with your website. Measure in goal values gives a clear picture of performing pages direct impact on sales.

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landing pages report google analytics


Website Mobile Performance Report

This report is incredibility beneficial to see if your website or specific landing pages are optimized for mobile devices and where do you need to make improvements. Indicators like bounce rate clearly tells the story of your website performance on specific platforms, like if your bounce rate is high on Android in comparison with iOS, you need to improve your site performance on Android.

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mobile performance report google analytics


Customer Behavior Report

This report is good for businesses to understand different behavior of new and returning visitors. Ideally three categories (Traffic, Events and Conversions) are used to track visitors. It is convenient when viewing these reports to set pivot table and use pivot for user type. This way you can easily compere two statistics within a category tab you are in. This report was designed by Peter Klinken as part of a contest by Avinah Kaushik and it’s incredibly helpful for businesses to assess their audience insights.

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customer behavior report google analytics



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