Plan Ahead to Build an Impressive Content Marketing Strategy for 2016

When marketing your business on the internet, content plays a crucial role in educating people so they may know about what you offer, like your products and trust you enough to do business with you. Content marketing is an idea of creating and sharing valuable content to attract visitors, convert prospects into buyers and buyers into repeat buyers. Content marketing is commonly confused with article, blogs, status updates or any form of text you post, share or publish on the internet, but a thriving content marketing strategy should focus a lot more than this.

It is important to document a professional content marketing strategy business whether you are an established corporate firm or simply a startup. According to a research published by Content Marketing Institute, 37% of all B2C marketers follow an encrypted content marketing strategy, while 61% of most B2B marketers meet up with their content marketing team either daily or weekly.  Content can yield your online marketing objectives if done correctly. Heading into 2016 is a perfect time to reconsider your marketing plans and make sure your content strategy is properly mapped out. When making a content strategy, following are some important things to consider.

1. Go Beyond Blogging

Having your very own blog is great, but do not concentrate your content marketing effort to it alone. Sharing infographs, webinars, vlogs, eBooks, postcards and videos should be a part of your overall strategy. A good strategy would include a mix of these different forms of content used in a way that builds connectivity with your brand and engage your audience. Facebook is the 2nd largest video sharing platform after Youtube. Last year the number of videos on people and company newsfeed increased by 3.6 times in comparison to the previous year. Videos are more interactive than any other medium which audience love to engage with. So, when thinking about visual content, add videos in your plate.

Go Beyond Blogging

2. Offer Something of Value for Free

You don’t mind a good piece of information for free, so does your audience. Share valuable content that your customers might be interested in, free of cost. When you share something of value without wanting anything in return you will your customers’ confidence and doing this time and time again will yield you potential leads and even sales. My blog right here is a good example of something valuable for free, because I share my experiences, digital marketing techniques, news & updates in the industry with my readers without charging anything in return in a form of donations, subscriptions, signups, and so on.

3. Content Marketing is for Everyone

When doing business online either you fall into a B2C or a B2B category, the best part is content marketing works for you no matter the nature of your business type. The only important here is how you plan to approach your audience and with what. Compelling stories, celebrity endorsements, or even case studies works best to trigger emotion in a B2C environment, which is certainly not the case with B2B. For B2B, you have to come up with something more concrete like facts, figures, experiences, money saved, performance benefits or product features. Infograph is a fun way to demonstrate all this sloppy information, graphs and numbers.

4. Measure your Content Marketing Success

Tracking the success of your content marketing efforts is one of the most tedious things in digital marketing. Ideally you have to identify your key performing indicators or the KPI’s to measure results. Following are some examples of content marketing KPI’s.

  • Number of website visits driven by content published or a specific campaign using Google Analytics or Google URL Builder.
  • Track the number of successful downloads by visitors, if you’re offering downloadable content like PDF’s.
  • Content share count will indicate the level of interest is produces to your customers.
  • Bounce rate will determine if people are attracted or repellent to the content you have published.
  • If your visitors are staying on your page for less than 15 sec, it means it’s not performing very well. An average reader should stay for good 3 minutes to show interest.
  • Number of leads generated or goal completed with evaluate the performance of your content.
  • Finally, how much revenue your content is producing in terms of conversions, leads & goals completion.



Shahrukh Saeed is a design savvy digital enthusiast focused to share latest tools, tricks & techniques of the web, digital marketing UX/UI & SEO with business startups and learn from experts in the field.

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