Google Places: Why is it Important & How you can do More Business using it

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Smartphone use has been sufficiently increase all over the world with more iPhone, Android and Google devices launched every month there are more than 500,000 activations a day only in the United States. Similarly, user trend has been changed with more searches on mobile phones it is more important than ever to list your business on Google Places because when users voice search on their smartphones the first results that appear are from Google local.

Gone are the days when people search local businesses on Yellow Pages, so make sure your business is listed on online directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp to name a few. Listing your business in online directories is easy but if your register only a few you are missing out a huge opportunity to get found on local searches. However, in this article I’ll focus on ways with which local companies can win more business using Google Places.

Why Google Places Listing is Important

According to researches, of all online activities, 73% are of local content. Similarly more than 82% of all local searches end up with a phone call or a business representative showing up on your doorstep, and a good 66% of all users search local to find local businesses. Another important reason to list your business on Google Place is the fact that Google is giving more weightage to local businesses that are locally listed. You must have noticed all local business maps appearing on top of Google search leaving behind even paid ads and organic listings. Following are some important things you can do to to get more business from local searches.

1. Having a 100% Score in Google Listing is a Must

A 100% Google Places score is a must to have you ranked on top 7 listings. There are more than 20 different fields that Google requires you to fill in which businesses surprisingly don’t bother to fill. So make sure you fill all the required fields that Google may rank you on the first page of search results.

2. Using Product and Service Keywords for Listing Description

When registering your local business on Google Places, it may ask you to give some details about your business industry. It is a good practice to include search keywords in your company descriptions so your business may appear on local searches against those keywords. Always seek advice of a SEO expert so you don’t over use your keywords.

3. Encouraging Clients to Post Review on Google Places

Businesses nowadays are paying more attention on their online presence and visibility, and Google Places listing is becoming something very common. Consider a situation where you and 7 of your competitors have 100% scores on listings, how will Google rank you in this situation? This is where customer reviews matter. Encourage your clients to add review on Google Places review section. Business with the most number of review wins the top position.

4. Local Phonebook Listing

Make sure your business is listed in your local phonebook, this may sound odd, but Google look for data sources both to check for business information and to build their database. If you are not listed on your local phonebook it may affect your ability to rank on top 7 search results.

5. Make Sure you are Listing your Business on other Directories

As I have mentioned earlier, in order for you to rank on top of search results it is important that you register your business on as much online directories as you can. Following are some important local directories I’ve listed that you may find useful.






Better Business Bureau

Angie’s List

Merchant Circle




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