What to Do When Social Media Isn’t Driving Enough Sales

Despite the recent hype of social media marketing there is only a small portion of total sales that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest and various other channels contribute toward a business. As per the reports, less than 2% of total ecommerce sales were attributed to social media in the last holiday season. In comparison with other marketing channels, social media has yet to impress businesses to drive sales.

The thing is, when it comes to driving sales, marketers haven’t quite yet utilized social media to full potential to see tangible results. For instance Facebook offers various advanced functionalities that most marketers commonly overlooked when spreading their message across the board, while others fail to see the potential of user endorsements and social sharing. In this article I’m going to discuss some best marketing practices to optimize social media returns.

Facebook Advanced Ad Features

To avoid aimlessly distributing your message to the general audience, Facebook offers advanced ad features like Audience Insights, Custom Audience and A/B Testing. Marketers should learn and implement some of these features to create quality messages and reach the right audience to get the best response.

Custom Audience

Facebook Custom Audience allow marketers to compare business data to that of its own, as it is easier to sell your offerings to current customers rather than to look for new ones. Customer data or list would include purchaser’s email addresses, landing page leads or newsletter signups. Once you have created custom audience list your information will be encoded to protect customer relationship, so you may reach a larger audience on Facebook.

Audience Insights

Facebook audience insights allow marketers to drill down specific personas and segment of customer audience. For instance, if you are selling car audio systems you would want to target people who want to purchase those systems. You can drill down to men who listed music as an interest on their Facebook page. With this feature marketers can segment their audience on gender basis, on the level of interest and demographics. The real task of a digital marketers starts by measuring the response of their ad campaigns, audience insights evaluate your ad responses and user interactions.

Facebook Audeince Insights

A/B Testing

A/B testing allow marketers to test different versions of ad copy, images and CTAs to determine the best performing ad. Various are tested so the. For instance an ecommerce business may use a Facebook ad to get click-through its CTA. Testing different versions of the ad copy would allow the marketing team to resonate which version works best and get most responses from the target audience.

Encourage Consumer Endorsements

Using Pinterest for an Ecommerce business is nothing new, and much has been said about the relevancy of this particular channel as a perfect display platform for online success. However, a closer inspection indicates that most of the online revenue is driven through fans-posted content and not branded pins. For instance, if a user pins a photo of him wearing a designer t-shirt and viewers are inspired to buy that particular t-shirt immediately it will create a digital buzz online because consumers are more likely to trust other consumer rather than they trust brand messages.

Keeping this in mind, marketers should makes it easier for their customers to share their content rather than putting a lot of time and effort in pinning, posting, commenting or tweeting. Digital marketers should also encourage their viewers to share their message by running contests and offering incentives. A customer tweet about your brand or business will have a greater impact on the larger audience and is much more likely to drive sales.

Always Use a Combination

Digital marketing is commonly confused with social media marketing; however, in order to succeed a business should use a combination of marketing techniques to drive the best results. Like ecommerce businesses drive most of their online sales through email marketing, which undoubtedly tops the list when it comes to getting online customer response. Smart marketers do not use social media with only one intention to increase sales but to build brand engagement with potential customers and generate leads. Continued interaction with prospects and getting into people’s inboxes is far more valuable than one time social purchase.



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