Handpicked Social Media Tools for Better User Engagement

Handpicked Social Media Tools for Better User Engagement

With more than 320 million active monthly users on Twitter, 1.04 million daily active users on Facebook, and over 414 million registered Linkedin users increasing number of companies are investing more time, effort and money on exploiting social networks to optimize their customer reach and increase revenues.

What matters is, how promptly a company manages its social media profiles, how aware it is of its competitors and user preferences, and how accurately it measures the impact of its social media efforts. Keeping these measures in mind, I will discuss some of the most important tools that allow businesses to improve efficiency, save time and money and produce better results.

Content Creation


Using catchy images on your social media profiles can increase business reach and user interaction. Canvas can help you create appealing graphics so you don’t have to compromise on old, sloppy images. There are more than 8 million users who create images with thousands of useful templates, millions of stock photos, hundreds of fonts and photo filters. Canva claims that it takes no more than 23 seconds to learn about using this tool, so a free signup makes a lot of sense.

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Spruce is simple to use image creation tool for Twitter. It allows users to create high quality Twitter ready images in seconds. You can use your own photos or select from Spruce library to add text to give it a unique look. With 9 different fonts you will never miss a chance to make an impact. Tweets with images are more likely to get retweets, and using spruce will make your life a lot easier.

Word Swag

As the name implies Word Swag allows you to add text to your images in a matter of seconds. High quality images attract your target audience and build engagement and a well-quoted text enhances the emotional feel. You can simply add text, create custom layouts or choose from hundreds of pre-populated quotes, all you need is to download this app and start and get going.

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Management Platforms


Hootsuite is one of the biggest and most commonly used social media management tool by digital marketers for all business sizes. With more than 10 million users, the tool is available in 16 different languages in 200 countries. 800 out of Fortune 1000 companies prefer Hootsuite for efficiently managing and post scheduling their social media updates. From user engagement to analysis, from monitoring to interaction, Hootsuite offers every feature you require to manage your social media.

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Launched in 2010, Buffer has grasped a market share of more than 3 million users around the world. Easy and simple to use platform allow digital marketers and agencies to schedule update and manage profiles on all social media channels. Apart from basic features, Buffer provides various mobile application and browser extensions which allow marketers to add content into their plan as soon as it is discovered.


What makes this platform different from Hootsuite and Buffer is it exclusively used to manages and grow Twitter accounts. For Twitter accounts management and growth Tweepi take into account three distinctive steps which include a) identifying users who are interested in your Tweets, b) following and adding interested users to the list for interaction, c) provide interaction notifications. Tweepi puts Twitter account management to autopilot and reduces human labor.

Market Research


Collection information on related social media trends, updates, news and competitors will help you to create more engaging content. Feedly allows you to collect all the necessary information from blog post to popular publications and videos with which you can decide what next to post and extract blog ideas. The tool assists you with searching the best content, reading, organizing, saving and sharing it. It easily integrates with Hootsuite and Buffer to help you scheduling you posts accordingly.

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Inkybee is your research and discovery tool to get you market insights and facilitate blogger outreach. Inkybee offers a wide variety of tools to help you audit and understand you clients, including blog discovery, powerful search engine, list management sector segmentation, Twitter follower’s analysis and reporting tools. You can contact and communicate with thought leaders and bloggers directly from the Inkybee dashboard.

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Bundlepost offers a bundle of tools to help you get the most of your social media strategy. From user engagement perspective you can actually do a lot with Bundlepost, like the market research function helps you manage curated content from variety of sources. The system automatically saves the content most relevant and important to you, while automatic formatting allows you to edit updates in a timely manner.

Measuring Results


In order to smoothly execute your social media strategy to is important to understand your data and competitors and Quintly helps you track and benchmark your performance without manually tracking your KPIs on various platforms. You can actually measure your performance on the most popular social media channels against that of your competition to assess where do you stand and identify areas of improvement.

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Dasheroo provides a social media dashboard for digital marketers with strong focus on social media key performing indicators (KPIs). With easy to use dashboard you can monitor your social media profiles, evaluate content popular with your target audience and track traffic generated through social media. Dasheroo is easily integrated with all social media platforms and regularly used applications which makes it the no.1 analytics tools for digital marketers.

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Viralheat is all about converting extracted data into a workable action plan. This tool is efficient in analyzing trend and assists in making decisions to improve ROI. Viralheat access various data points on the social web to provide thorough measurement of your business in real-time. Understanding data points helps in making better decision for the business and alters strategy to achieve better results in the future.



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