9 Simple Tips to Glue Visitors to Your Website/ Landing Page

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There’s a lot you can do to get more traffic to your blog or website, but keeping those visitors engaged with the content, information or whatever you are selling is what matters, especially when you’re trying to make money online. Businesses nowadays are primarily focusing on enriching their onsite user experience and getting those users on their website long enough to convert into purchasers or subscribers.

Similarly, it is important to keep a track of your page bounce, exit and conversion rates to get a clearer picture of your onsite user behavior and take measures to improve it. In this article I ‘ll discuss some important things you can do to your website landing page that will help your users away from back button and keep them happy for longer.

1. Reduce the Number of Ads on your Page

Web advertisement is the very thing your visitors will notice as soon as they land onto your website. This is because ads loads up fast and they made to catch the eye of your visitors. Flashy colors, animated gifs and shimmering CTAs will take their focus away from the main course. Secondly, too many ads make your website look busy and weary, so the information, offers, products, services or whatever you are selling is suppressed and visitors would rather hit the back button than wait.

web ads clutter


2. Frequently Update your Content

If your site content was last updated in 2011 it will make your visitor doubt that weather you are still in business; the situation is much worse in case you are running a blog. Old content will make your website look outdated and sleepy, therefore, plan a structured content strategy and keep updating your on-page. Search for competitive keywords relating your industry niche and create rather engaging than promotional content for your readers.

3. Make it Simple & Easy to Use

Website should be easy to navigate around and the needed information should be easily available without doing too much search. If it’s easy for visitors to find whatever they are looking for on your website you’ll have a better chance of converting them to visitors. Therefore, the site navigation should be easy, clear and user friendly, too many dropdown menus and categories should be avoided because they can cause confusion or complexity and may cost you a potential customer.

simple navigation


4. Clear Call to Action

Readers/visitors must be aware of the next step in the world of internet. They should be told if they are required to leave a comment or subscribe to the newsletter. They shouldn’t be leave to wonder around.

5. Spelling & Grammar Check

Website should have correct spellings and grammar. A website with incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes could ruin your brand image and professionalism. Visitors may assume that you are careless, amateur and unprofessional to display such content on your website. The ability to provide quality services and products can come into question through this mistake. Also consider regional spelling differences when targeting US or UK audiences.

6. Optimize your Images for Quick Load Time

Photos and images should be optimized in order to be loaded quickly. Each site has only 5 to 8 seconds before the visitor hit the back button. Consider optimizing your images in Photoshop for better web performance. However, cutting on image size compromises image quality so make sure you save your visuals using “save for web and devices” option in Photoshop and then compress your jpg, png, or gif images.

7. Awareness of Ideal Customer

The font, the color and the voice that is used in the content tells about the type of customer with whom the business needs to be done. Appealing to everyone will make it sure that appeal is made to no one. Target a market segment and customize your on-page that it may comply with their needs.

8. Keep it Clean & Elegant

Many visitors may find animations and other interactive site elements as distraction or annoying. So they should be used at own risk. It’s rather advisable to keep your site as simple and clean as possible. If you have to use some animation on-page make sure they go with your website design theme, layout and color scheme. Don’t confuse yourself with too many colors or graphics.

web animation


9. Quick Access to Information, Product or Service

Visitors should be provided with the needed information right away. If the visitors will not be able to decide that they are either in the right place or not they will simply quit. Visitors shouldn’t have to make guesses regarding what the site is about. Your homepage is your landing page in most instances, so make sure whatever you are offering on your website is only a few clicks away from your visitors, and don’t have to spend hours finding what matters to them.



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