5 Useful Tips to Make your Remarketing Campaign a Success

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Remarketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques for businesses to target visitors and build new customers. Adding a tracking code to your website can tag users who have already visited your page and display relevant ads to trigger responses. Whenever visitors land on your website they receive a cookie which adds them to the remarketing list which you can use as a targeting option and add filters to your remarketing campaign.

See how remarketing works

Remarketing helps you to create high performance ads and control ad visibility. Like, for instance, you can target a specific group of visitors who performed a certain action on your website, or target a particular demographic, or perhaps you can exclude some existing customers to be shown your ads. As most visitors are obviously aware of what you are offering these ads tend to receive a higher click-through at a relatively low cost.

how remarketing works

According to most websites and stats on the internet, remarketing can double your sale figures and increase your clientele amazingly. No matter what marketing tactics you are using to promote your site, remarketing leverages the time and money you invest to get more visitors by continually displaying your message to people who have shown interest in your product, service or organization at some point of time by visiting your website. So, remarketing, in general, has a cumulative impact on all your online marketing efforts.

Following are some important tips to amplify your remarketing efforts and make your campaign a success.

1. Improve & Optimize your On-Page

The first and the most important aspect of a successful remarketing campaign is optimizing your on-page. Obviously you are remarketing to target visitors to your website, but this targeting get more specific when you narrow down your target audience. For instance, if you are large fashion e-tailer and targeting women footwear, you’ll only consider those visitors who happened to be there on women footer page or section of your ecommerce website.

It is pointless to attract visitors with something which either isn’t there or difficult to be found on your website. So, ideally create a customized, informative landing page which clearly talks about the offer, promotion, or whatever you are marketing.

2. Identify your Target Audience

Similarly, it is equally important to know your audience in order to build an effective remarketing campaign. Remarketing is all about winning back your existing customers so finding out about what they do on your website, how long do they stay and what pages they visited gives you’re a clearer picture about how you should be targeting for a particular campaign.

From our example above, people who searched for women fashion footwear and visited their product pages on section on your homepage are genuinely interested in the product you are marketing and these are the ones you should be targeting.

3. Ascertain Specific Needs of your Visitors

You can reduce your cost per lead by simply narrowing down you campaign to what you want to advertise and what your visitor are looking for. In our example of a huge ecommerce fashion store, you can get more specific to your user’s interest by keeping a track of page visits. For instance, if a group of visitors are interested in the newest arrival of Jimmy Choo Red Stilettos, you can create these very specific ads, so when they click onto this ad they are redirected back to the site, with a dedicated landing page for Jimmy Choo Red Stilettos with the sales team ready to answer customer queries about this particular product.

Therefore, the idea is to get specific and match your ads with what your visitor are doing on your website, and make sure to give back the product your visitors were initially interested in.

4. Create Ads that Get Viewer’s Attention

Designing a remarketing ad could be tricky. Small banner size makes it difficult for the designers to figure weather to concentrate entirely on the message (tagline) or include graphic element to grasp viewer’s attention. However, following are tips for designers to create impressive remarketing ads.

  1. Keep is simple and concentrate on the offer. Remember that viewers have already visited your website to try to use a similar color and font. Placing a logo on the banner would also help.
  2. Make sure your ad is audience specific, which I have already discussed in the section above.
  3. Your CTA must be very direct and noticeable to the viewers. Captions like “Signup Now”, “Get 50% Discount Now”, “Free 30 day Trial” will get their attention.

5. Response Tracking & Improving

The key to a successful marketing campaign is continuously learning from your customers and improving on your efforts. Closely monitor your site analytics and remarketing account to get consumer insights and make your ads more effective. Integrating Google Analytics on your website will provide valuable data about visitors, page visited, bounce rate, page exit rate, traffic sources, number of sessions, time of day when people visited your website through what keywords. With this information at hand you can create impressive remarketing campaigns and better target your visitors.



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