9 Research-Proven Strategies to Make Your Content Go Viral

How often does your Marketing Manager demand content that goes viral? And you rather come up with a new plan to kill your boss every time, because creating viral content it’s easier said than done. There’s more to creating viral content than simply telling stories that nobody is interested in reading. According to experts, there are various ingredients that make something go viral. So, if you understand the science behind viral content you can amplify the number of shares, likes, build a business profile and put your brand on the map. And this is what we are going to look at in this article based on the findings of Backlinko.

Viral Content


1. Using Numbers & Brackets in your Headline

Whether you’re writing a blog post or creating a catchy tagline for your new ad, using numbers in your heading is always a good strategy. According to a research by Conductor, headlines with numbers are 36% more likely to get more clicks and percentage certainly improves using odd numbers rather than even numbers. Similarly, using [brackets] in a headline increases the CTR by 38%, as per Outbrain.

Headlines with Brackets Percentage

2. Short, Descriptive & Credible URLs

Another ingredient that will increase your chances of getting a good CTR is using short and descriptive URLs. According to Marketing Sherpa, short URLs attract 2.5 times more clicks that verbose and lengthy URLs. For instance, if your URL is too long to appear in full on search results user are less likely to click it. Similarly, trusted domains get 25% more clicks than those using URLs similar to the one given below.



3. Placing Colorful Images & CTAs above the Fold

Using colorful and attractive images in your posts or on the page will certainly catch the eye of your audience, provided they are placed on the first section of the page a user sees and that they don’t have to further scroll down the page to have a good look. Colorful visuals made people 80% more likely to read a product guide. On the other hand, element placed above the fold are seen by 63% more people than those further down the page, like placing a Share Button above the fold in an ideal location to get more clicks.

Above the fold exmaple


4. Short Sentences & Images to build Interest

On average, a user does not read more than 28% of a blog post, so in order to get their attention you have to act fast and one way to do this is by using short sentences. Dr. John Morkes identified that short statements increases readability by 58%. Alternatively, images play a significant role in making your content more attractive and credible for the readers. A study by Claremont Graduate University found that images increases content credibility by 75%.


5. Content Presentation, HD Images & Practicality

Content presentation and high quality images make a good impression to the reader and help them decide whether they are going to share your content or not. Short paragraphs, bulleted lists and using subheadings are easier for readers to scan. On the other hand, high quality professional images boost your chances of getting a good number of shares. According to Marketing Sherpa professional images receive 45% more Facebook shares. Having a practical approach in whatever you are creating is what matters. Dr. John Berger found that highly practical articles are 34% more likely to go viral.

Content Images Presentation Example

6. Using Inforgraphics to Deal with Stats

Use of infographics has been increased abundantly in 2015 and the trend is expected to grow enormously this year. Inforgraphics are great means to share valuable data, stats, steps and information without boring your audience. Visual presentations appears more attractive to the readers than huge bulk of text which is why they are 2.3 times more likely to be shared on social media according to BuzzSumo.


7. Encourage Social Sharing & Add Influencers

Make it easier for people to share your content by placing a CTA at the end of your post. Hubspot found that personalized and targeted CTAs outperformed generic CTAs by 42%. Saying “Share these Useful Tips” rather than “Share this Post” on your post share button genuinely helps. Also, link influential people in your post and tell them about it. If influencers share your post there is no stopping for it to go viral.

Socail Sharing and Influencers


8. Copy Adwords Ads SEO Tags & Include Hashtags

Using SEO tags and keywords in your post titles and description genuinely increases search engine visibility. Similarly, Adwords ads are designed to get maximum clicks, using Adwords ads title and description tags will maximize organic traffic. Alternatively, when posting on social media use relevant hashtags; Dan Zarrella analyzed 1.2 million tweets and found that tweets with proper hastags boosted retweets by 55%.


9. Reassess your Post Publishing Time

Shareaholic found that 27% of all social shares occur between 8am and 12pm. But there is no hard and fast rule, you have to understand your audience and create content that’s important to them. Analyzing your post reach and interactivity gives you a clear picture of what’s worth sharing and what’s the best time to publish a post.



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