How to Go About your Influencer Marketing Strategy

When working on content marketing strategy the biggest challenge for marketers is to get their content shared, promoted or endorsed by influencers. Market influencers have always been considered a credible source of information, and if they share, re-tweet or comprehend a piece of content is worth looking into. Influencer endorsements hit the top spot digital marketing techniques in 2015, and it’s certainly going to upsurge in 2016, making life a bit more difficult for digital marketers.

As a marketer you must have a network of users engaged with your content and you must be replying on a bunch of influencers to promote your content. However, these handful influencers are getting busier as more companies want to work with them. They are bombarded with emails every day and it’s getting harder and harder to get their attention. In this article I will try cover some useful steps to exploit your influencer marketing strategy based on my findings of Paul May’s webinar on BuzzStream ebook launch.



 Set Goals & Key Performing Indicators

The very first step of the marketing process is to have a clear understanding of your goals and KPIs around which all your research and planning should revolve. Set KPIs for every step of the funnel from signups to email subscriptions to shares and conversions. For instance, when setting up a goal for your new product you would want to generate interest by downloading your ebook and drive qualified leads to the end products. In this case your KPIs will include:

  • 1000 downloads of the ebook within one month of launch
  • 500+ new customers in your email list
  • 100+ social media shares about your ebook
  • 10% increase in overall signups


Setting the Ground for Influencers

Before blindly reaching out influencers or start building a list, make sure you understand these influencers and how they are helpful for your industry. Similarly, forecast your audience responses on posts shared by influencers. Answering questions like:

  • How social is your market? On what channels shares and conversions about your topic will take place.
  • Identify key publications, are there in-house journalists, guest bloggers, regular contributors, or perhaps a combination of all three.
  • Is the market more fragmented or concentrated to a few publishers?
  • What persuades your audience to promote or market content on your topic?

To understand you audience you need to know what motivates them to share your content. This will vary form one influencer to another which is why it is important to make segments and determine what’s in it for them. This will help you categorize individuals on the basis of what they do. Like Paul identified that social influencers are more likely to link a blog post rather than a landing page. Alternatively, influence bloggers and journalists don’t care for gated content.


Work on an Influencer Strategy to Promote Content

Using different influencer segments at different times would help, as responses and reactions from one segment would influence others. People might be interested in sharing gated content by influencers they actually admire. Another great approach to get influencers attention is to collaborate with influential content creators. When other influencers are harder to win these partnerships may convince them to promote the content. However, these collaborators should be carefully selected based on the audience you are trying to reach.


Find & Research the Right Influencers

There may be a number of ways to research influencers and it’s always a good option to use influencer search tools like, Follower Wonk, Twellow, Klout, Keyhole and Buzzsumo to name a few. Using tools is quicker, efficient and effective than searching influencers on search engines like Google, which require advance search techniques to drill down deep to look for what you need. Consider adding a browser plugin like Mozbar to enhance your results and will help you track link placements online. Also you can add such tools to marketing CRM and other influencer outreach tools.


Focus on Building Relationships

Rather than directly asking people to promote your content, focus on building and nurturing relationships. The best way to get in touch with some useful influencers is through Twitter. Interacting and responding to influencer tweets will get you on their radar. Keep in mind what you are planning to promote and nurture influencers talking about a certain topic by following or tweeting to people from the dashboard. Once you have right influencers you can put them on your private list to follow closely.



Shahrukh Saeed is a design savvy digital enthusiast focused to share latest tools, tricks & techniques of the web, digital marketing UX/UI & SEO with business startups and learn from experts in the field.

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