7 Killer Tactics to Amplify your B2B Lead Generation Efforts

b2b lead acquisition

Leads generation for a B2B platform is still more of a trial and error thing for marketers than definite proven strategies. Sometimes something that works for a particular business in a given scenario, fails for other businesses in a similar situation. Because B2B marketing depends on long-tern relationship building rather than hardcore selling we experience in a business-to-consumer scenarios. Just like Linkedin is anticipated as the best available source of building a viable online business network, however the potential of other social networks cannot be undermined. I my previous article I’ve discussed how Facebook can be used by B2B startups to gear up their reach and build a good network of prospective clients.

In general B2B lead acquisition through simple signup forms, landing pages and newsletter signups will work, but making something more creative and interesting will engage the audience and help boost leads. This is what I’m going to discuss in this article.


1. Answering Queries with Blog Posts

Your content strategy should include blogging about products/services you are offering, but chanting only about how good you are at what you do would not guarantee useful leads; try answering your client queries. You cannot simply start blogging just about anything, in order to be specific figure out actual issues your clients are facing. Open up your inbox to see if they have emailed you about a certain issue, and write a blog post covering all possible aspects and think about question your clients might be asking before they consider your product/service as a probable solution. The idea is in order to make blogging as a lead generation source, first try answering some questions.


2. Relationship Building on Social Media

Leave behind the charms of likes, friends and followers and focus on building and nurturing relationships. B2B businesses are looking for a number of good clients and social media as a lead generation tools is very powerful in cherishing relationships. Don’t take into account all Linkedin groups you have joined so far and job titles you have sent a request to, but narrow down your focus on just two or three groups where your actual prospects engage and look for advice. Start counseling and answering questions in these groups and build a list of those who you find useful. Build trusted relationships and refer people to join these groups, suggest tools and resources, and start generating leads.


3. Educating Prospects through Webinars

Just like the idea of answering client queries, another effective technique for B2B lead generation is educating people through events like webinars and seminars. When people get to know that you are sharing some valuable information and answering a few questions they are struggling with at the moment can do wonders. This is also work for prospects as a trust building factor and gives the impression that you know your domain well enough that they won’t shy away from using a good advice. Sending event invites in area of consideration, pick the ones who are genuinely interested in listing your story.


4. Get Sponsors & Referrals

One of the best and rarely subjugated sources of lead generation is referrals. You wouldn’t mind a righted kind of referral to your door, and rightfully so, because you can trust the source relevancy and find prospects who are actually interested in what you offer. To make it work, create something informative and educating like an ebook or a webinar, then reach out related businesses and ask them if they would like to cobrand that price of information on their network free of charge. Prospects are constantly looking to endorse this kind of information and they will take your offer as a blessing and in return you are referred to their entire network.


5. Concentrated Direct Mails

Reach out to your prospects through direct mails to get up-close and personal. Target not more than 30 to 50 ideal prospects to get greater results. A personalized letter delineating highly actionable idea will guarantee a positive response. Identify prospect touch-points and include these in your letter. Highlight the significance of prolific leads to your prospects with a definite solution that you think is best for them. Keep your focus on educating the prospects like sharing tips, technique and tricks that work for them. Finally, encourage your prospects to keep in touch with them by saying something like, “if you want more tips like these click here”, where you can put a newsletter signup etc.


6. Connect People to Build a Network

Networking is more effective when you see it as an opportunity to bridge the gap and help others. Instead of searching on Linkedin who should you connect with, search your existing network to find a few people who wants to connect with luminaries in your network. Find more and more people who can help your connections rather than those who can help you. When you work for your connection you will automatically attract some good leads. Through it will take a lot of time and effort and it may just not be quantified immediately but will definitely pay off in the long run.


7. Paid Advertising for Lead Acquisition

Paid advertising is the most effective tactic to generate leads. I mean anyone with a little investment can throw up ads and get a few click and even leads. The only problem is such leads are often unqualified or uneducated. In order to acquire quality leads you have to invest in educating your prospects to be ideal clients. On the contrary, use paid advertising to drive prospects to educational opportunities like ebooks, video tapes and webinars etc. knowing that sending traffic to theses fronts will help educating the prospect and eventually selling. Advertising on Facebook, Pay-per-click and Retargeting for lead acquisition has proven its worth in the recent years.



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