Spying on Competitor’s Social Media? Try these 3 Amazing Tools

competitor analysis

Businesses all over the world are working on building their strong digital presence, whether it’s through selling products and services online, getting people to like your fan pages or most importantly engaging customers on social media. A multiplatform online branding strategy is what required getting things done smoothly, especially when you are working on social media. Social media has been a topic of interest for marketers, and rightfully so, because billions of people connect on their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google plus profiles everyday which certainly improves chances for marketers to approach them.

For any marketer competitor analysis is the foothold of a successful brand strategy. A check on what your competitors are doing will help you come up with something equally good and competitive. In this article I’m going to discuss few tools that provide competitive analysis of social media fan pages. Ideally, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are the most important platforms for a business, so I’ll stick to these channels for now, while considering growth rate, posting time and frequency, engagement rate, post length and post types as key metrics. Another thing to consider is using relevant keywords and hashtags within the allowed character limits. So, here’s the list of some important free and paid social media analytics tools.


Fanpage Karma

A user-friendly interface with pop-up hints and intuitive navigation, Fanpage Karma provide helpful reports and detailed data performance insights for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The tool offers numerous features and allows fan page comparison (i.e. your page performance with that of your competitor). With benchmarking option you can generate competitive analysis reposts for unlimited pages. Fanpage is free to use and user-friendly interface allow quick access to social network dashboards. Here’s is the list of features the tool offers.



  1. Simple and user-friendly dashboard.
  2. Social profile insights, including content analysis (top posts, user engaging keywords and hashtags) post type and time, influencers on fan page and user activity.
  3. Benchmark your company fan page performance to that of competitor (monitor unlimited number of pages).
  4. Historical overview of fan page performance and downloadable excel report.
  5. Tagging feature allows you to tag posts on your page or on that of your competitors. This is a powerful feature that allow deeper insights on post-performance on certain parameters like posts types, own tags etc.



Unlike other analytical tools Twitonomy is also a management tool that helps you manage tweets, get account activity insights and monitor company accounts. The biggest perk of using this tool is it’s absolutely free and very accurate. With a user-friendly interface you can easily manage tweets review, retweet and review right from the Tweet Analysis tab. However, using Twitonomy you cannot compare multiple Twitter accounts and analyzing competitor profiles can be a problem using search box. No custom date range and no auto-save option make competitive analysis a little more tedious. Here’s the list of feature the tool offers.



  1. Tweet analysis includes average tweets per day, number of tweets, average links per tweet, most used hashtags, average user mentions, most retweeted tweets and other helpful metrics.
  2. Mentions and retweets, including brand or name mentions, users who retweeted your tweets, users that mentioned you in their tweets.
  3. Provide details of followers, user following and lists.


Simple Measured

From charts, tables to calculations, Simply Measured offers comprehensive insights for multiple channels. The tool allows you to track, analyze and monitor up to 12 different social media platforms with multiple profile pages. 13 freebie reports track your social media performance reports that you can easily generate on PowerPoint, Word or Excel. One most significant free report is Facebook Competitive Analysis that analyses up to 10 fan pages. Using Simply Measured you can generate 45 cross platform reports with clear and plain charts of most popular social media profile analysis. However, the subscription plan starts form $500/month and no custom date range makes it difficult to track history. Following are some noteworthy features the tools offers.



  1. Attractive visual presentations and charts split in to 5 sections for user ease.
  2. Comparisons of best performing and worst performing accounts in competitive leader board.
  3. Most crucial metrics of compared profiles are highlighted in overview section.
  4. Highlight factors that drive user engagement with posts.
  5. Distinguish the best post of a brand and define its parameters.


Final Word

Competitor analysis is essential when working on your own branding strategy what matter is how regularly and accurately your monitor, evaluate and estimate what your competitors are doing online. Daily stalking on social media activity or blogs, weekly check on search engine ranking and monthly comparisons is just the way to do it.



Shahrukh Saeed is a design savvy digital enthusiast focused to share latest tools, tricks & techniques of the web, digital marketing UX/UI & SEO with business startups and learn from experts in the field.

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