Top 8 Instagram Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Top 8 Instagram Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Businesses are exploring the power of visual storytelling through Instagram in order to showcase their products or services in a rich visual context. Instagram offers unique features and filters to help you stand out from the crowd and create a good impression to fans and followers. What makes this particular platform different from Facebook or Twitter, for instance, is its younger user base. Majority of Instagram users are in their 20s or teens which instantly gives a great opportunity to businesses targeting younger demographics. Secondly, youngsters are more into new trends as they’re ready to try or adopt anything new, that businesses can capitalize on.

In this article I’m going to discuss some strategies to use Instagram for business, whether you’re looking to increase the amount of exposure to your page, generate more leads, and turn those leads into reps or customer inside your business.

1. Post at the Right Time

The first thing to use Instagram for business is to post at the right time. Timing is everything on social media because there are a lot of people on different time zone from all over the world. So, the best time to post on Instagram is from 8 – 9:00 am EST, where you get the most engagement. If you are posting multiple times throughout the day post outside of the business hours. According to statistics, video posts after 9:00 pm EST has 34% more engagement. Similarly, Mondays and Thursdays have better engagement than Sundays, so plan your posts accordingly.

2. Follow People who Follow Brands like Yours

If you’re trying to build up your fan base or get some followers, initially, one great way to do that is you follow people you know who probably be interested in your brand. About 10 – 20% are likely to follow you back, the same way people follow you back on Twitter. There are some apps you can use to keep a track of your followers, like Followers + for Instagram and Followers for Instagram.

3. Follow Industry Leaders & Model after Them

You obviously want your business to become a top brand, so follow the biggest brands that are already established. This helps you to constantly take notes, find patterns and implement them into your own brand with your own spin on them. Some of the top brands doing a really good job on Instagram are National Geographic, Saturday Night Live and Coca Cola, they have millions of followers and tons of engagement. You can actually see which post gets the most likes and comments.

4. Use Images with Captions

Top brands and industry leaders does this really well! Adding captions like tips, jokes/something funny, description of what’s going on can grab the audience and build engagement. Foundr Magazine with 855k followers, is doing a good job with captions as most of their images have text on them so people can easily relate caption with the image.

5. Use Trending Hashtags

Using trendy hashtags is obviously a big part of Instagram marketing and one way to do this is by looking at hashtags of popular brands that are in the same industry. You can find trending hashtags for your next post with Instagram Explore feature or go to to keep a track of top hashtags.

6. Get your Profile Right

Make sure your profile is complete and looks professional, else, people won’t take you seriously and you are not going to attract a lot of followers. For your business, use logo, motto, slogan or something that briefly describes your brand. Also, place a link of your website so people may directly connect with you.

7. Post with Right Frequency & Consistency

The biggest brands on social media always post consistently and at the same time each day. That way people look for their posts and they know when to get on to social media and when to expect it. Top brand average post on Instagram 1 to 2 times a day at most. Posting consistently help followers expect posts from you at certain times, making them come back to see what you posted each day.

8. Use a Mix of Images & Videos

Finally, it’s important to use a combination of images and videos. You can dramatically increase engagement by using GoPro and crowdsourced videos and images from fans. User generated content is a plus for brands, just get them involved and you’ll see huge results.



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